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"Let me tell you how lucky I was attending your workshop! I've really got the new perspective I was looking for in my painting training. Though I have some experience in the field, I must say your systemic approach can help even experienced painters to simplify complex technical aspects and integrate them in a wider knowledge. Additionally you provided a number of assignments that -- whenever accomplished -- will enable further self improvement. I feel committed to the best. Thank you very much!">Francesco Fontana, Italy

"I did the Venice workshop along with Fred. I've subscribed for a while to the VAA and was thrilled to be able to go to one of Barry's workshops. It was everything that Fred says it was. So interesting and informative, but you've got to want to learn. The more you are prepared to put in, the more you will got out of it. Many 'eureka' moments. Barry's a great teacher. My friend came with me, a total non-painter, and she loved it too. It opened her eyes as much as mine.

This year we went to the museum workshop in Madrid at the Prado with Barry to see the huge Sorolla exhibition and to study his work. It was truly wonderful. The online study is fantastic but nothing beats going along to a workshop if you can manage to do so. It has fed through into improving my paintings no end. (Although it's often a case of...the more you learn, the more you realise there is to learn)."

"I did Barry's workshop 2 years ago. I must say I was searching for a long long time for some very good knowledge about painting, tons of books, some DVD's but in most cases I did find good stuff but it seems always to stop when it was becoming interesting.
One day I was surfing around, searching again about good information I found Barry's site.
It consists mainly of PDF courses. I picked up
 one of them. Bought it online, and few minutes later had the content. No shipping cost, no tracking list !
The theme I picked up was about Color. It took me one night to realize I'd found THE MASTER. The knowledge was clear, well organized and deep. So what did I do ? I purchased the whole course and spend one month reading the stuff again and again. It's not what you should do but I couldn't stop.
It is really fantastic. Answer to which easel you should buy and why, how colors works, how to compose an image, how to handle color tone and so on. You'll find also great exercises, as painting is not about reading but about practice.

Soon I realized a lot of th
ings about how to make a good picture, not only in painting but in moving images. But let me continue. So I decided to go to Barry' s workshop. It was a huge step for me. WHY ?The workshop was in Venice (italy). And I'm French but at this time I'm living in Brazil, this means crossing the big ocean to go to Italy, where Barry was doing the workshop. Then I had lot of work at my daily job (visual effects) so I had find a gap and leave for few days. And naturally had to go alone to concentrate on painting. So I left my family at home.

And so for one week I wa
s in Venice ! I met Barry and a few students that were doing the workshop. Soon we began, and until this day I can't look at the world with the same eyes. If you are just looking to have a demonstration of a trendy painter that's the wrong place to go. But if you are looking to develop your own pictoral entity and get a solid foundation about painting you found the GUY !

Barry taught us in one week more than I could learn during years of reading around, screening dvd's. The first day he introduced us to what it is that makes a painting a good one from a genius one. He soon sent us on a mission to accomplish small exercises.

He pointed out the thing that are obvious when you know them. But to know them, it take some years. And Barry just shares all that stuff with you, building not only strong knowledge about composition, form, observation and and and but also helping you to critique yourself. That means when the workshop is done you can continue learning. The next day he makes some critiques pointing the good things and the bad. He loves the bad things. And when you get one bad things you get a medal. When you get lots of bad things (be prepared) you'll get some gold medals. Why ?

Because he constructs knowledge through experience. That mean failing is good as you learn not to do the same mistake twice. He objectively explains why you did the wrong thing, and explains how do the right thing. And so each day that we were doing the workshop was a huge step forward.

Everyone that went to the workshop was satisfied, people with experience and people without. I for example come from a computer background, so my contact with traditional art was almost non-existent.
I work with 3D (maya mainly) ranging from film to advertising. I'ts a lot about technique and a lot about sense of realism when you compose the images. Doing the workshop will help you understand the fine color tuning, and an ability to critique even when looking a films. I did the workshop and it overcame my expectation. Barry is a great and generous teacher and became a friend as well.

So should you do the workshop? Definitively ! For the knowledge that the teacher shares and also the great places that are chosen for this purpose ! Purchase the pdf, it is a must for the one who need a strong base (watercolor, oil or acrylic) and is a bible to your daily question about what did I do wrong? Why do my pictures not work ? Also it is funny that as you progress, you'll see you barely didn't pay attention to one little line, and reading the stuff again gives you the light that you didn' t turn on because you were not ready for it. Some time I will even catch myself looking for a painter like Mucha, Monet or even contemporary as Jenny Saville and then smile about the new way I see the things (Kind of take the red
pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes)

Check also Barry's video or internet content. He gets a blog, a forum, a newsletter, well very active person.

Any questions, I'll be pleased to answer....
Fred, still in Brazil !!"

"John and I love being at Barry's workshops and have learned so very much from him. Barry is by far the best teacher that I personally have had in many years of study. We both would make the trip just for his lectures. "

Lynn B., Atherton

"Although I am a professional painter with many, many years of experience, I was inspired in the BJR painting workshop. Barry is a fine artist, is well organized, and is a dedicated teacher.”

Ann W., Carmel

"Barry clarified and simplified the elements of plein air painting so well in his 3-day workshop that I felt I had made a year's worth of progress!"

Pati S., Pebble Beach

"I've been a painter most of my life and have a BFA. Barry's workshops have been enormously helpful in enabling me to break through to another level and finally solve chronic, frustrating problems in my work. His clear, straightforward and objective instruction cuts to the chase and facilitates rapid progress. I am a much stronger painter than I was when I started working with Barry."

Peggy B., Santa Cruz

"Watching Barry paint was unlike anything I've seen before- very inspiring. He has a unique mix of meticulous planning and spontaneity. I was so inspired that I had to paint "the new way" one more time before leaving the area. Thanks Barry. "

Lisa M., Point Mugu

"Truly completely welcoming to painters at all levels. Well-paced, wonderful teaching, great mix of time to paint and time to learn together."

Judy L., Pebble Beach

"Compared with other instruction I have had, Barry's instruction was more comprehensive, clearer, more concise. He concentrated on teaching more than demonstrations, which was much more helpful. Barry's publications are explicit and so enlightening. I think Barry has done a wonderful job with both his workshops and his publications, bringing his experience into each. Both are much more intense and comprehensive than most workshops and publications. "

Linda L, Carmel Valley, CA

"I appreciate Barry’s dedication to clear, practical teaching and am looking forward to a big dose. I still share about the huge difference in my painting immediately following Barry’s workshop. I’m so grateful that he does not sacrifice real learning/improvement to save feelings. Artists get plenty of encouragement from families and buyers. A trained and *honest* artistic eye is rare and valuable. Thanks."

Elisabeth M, Sardinia, Italy

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