Monday, December 16, 2013

Plein Air Painting Workshops with Barry John Raybould

Exclusive for Virtual Art Academy Students: 5-Day Plein Air Workshop in a Beautiful Mountain Setting in Tuscany, Italy at Barry's Studio

Instructor: Barry John Raybould
Date of Workshop: June 11-15, 2018 -  5 days (exact dates to be confirmed shortly)
Location: Tuscany, Italy

Cost: Tuition + Accommodation (6 nights)
Early Bird Special Price (book before Nov 1, 2017): US$2500, Euro €2165, £1900.
Advance Special Price (book before Jan 1, 2018): US$2800, Euro €2375, £2085.
Full Price : US$2900, Euro €2475, £2160.

The workshop will be held in my studio in Licciana Nardi, near Aulla, in northern Tuscany, just one hour drive north of Pisa.

Each day we will go out painting doing lots of studies and plein air painting, and at the end of the day meet  to discuss the day’s work and do individual critiques. The goal will be to identify where you need the most help, and if necessary select assignments from the VAA curriculum that will help take your work to the next level.

At the end of the workshop I will give each of you an individual plan for what you need to work on for the following six months.

How to get there. Fly to Pisa airport and rent a car at the airport (there are lots of rental companies to choose from). From the airport it is an easy one hour drive to my studio, mostly on a freeway (motorway).

What is included

  • tuition
  • individual learning plan
  • accommodation for student
  • accommodation for non-painting partner in same room no extra charge
  • 5 breakfasts
  • 5 lunches with wine
Not included
  • airfare
  • car rental
  • dinners (there are many nice places to eat in the evening quite close you may want to explore) 

How do I register?

Workshops exclusive to Virtual Art Academy members with at least three months of membership. 


Manushalini Nandwani said...

Barry John's workshop has been one of the most memorable events I have attended. The guidance is clear & friendly and the targets I have set for myself seem more attainable as I was given a clear road map on how to take my art to the next level. I had joined as a beginner. The teaching is well researched and there is no ambiguity in what you are taught. I would recommend this workshop to all. Thanks Barry for a memorable experience!

georgie rey said...

It was a real adventure making my way to Tuscany to work with Barry in the mountains and one that I would highly recommend. The setting is wonderful, quiet, authentic, rustic and the B and B extremely friendly and comfortable. We worked as a group doing individual research at the local horse show, sketching and watching for a project which we put together during the following days with Barry's help in his studio. We had an informal critique at the end of every day where we all participated which I found very useful. I learnt more that I anticipated, as always with Barry, not only from his comments but from just being there. I had the chance to view Barry's paintings in his gallery which taught me an awful lot, there I really saw how the thin shadows of a painting must be colourful and the thick whites must be very thick. All in all a wonderful experience which I will definitely do again!

Sandhya's Daily Paintings said...

This September I participated in Barry's Tuscany Workshop for the third time. Every time I have come away with clear indicators on progress in my work and the direction of work for the next few years. Not one minute of work done with Barry has ever gone waste. The notans and block studies, compositions and colour mapping, quick studies of Tuscan cityscapes and landscapes, sea at Savrana and horses in Comano, are all part of the material I use regularly as references while working in my studio or en plein air. Barry's course and workshops have helped me grow from an amateur to a full-time self-employed artist. Once you have been to Pianello you'll want to keep going back. Thank you Barry for sharing your studio and your knowledge so generously.

Vicki Norman said...

I attended Barry's workshop in Pianello this September for the second time. The experience provides an invaluable opportunity to practice many of the skills gained through his course in a practical, plein air context. Colour studies of Tuscan townscapes, sketches of moving figures in crowds and notan exercises in the gardens at Pianello all serve to consolidate knowledge acquired through home study. With regular daily critique and review it is possible to develop a clear, personal study plan for the year ahead. Barry's advice is tailored to suit each individual student, he takes the time to research answers to questions and often provides extra information and examples to help explain more advanced concepts.
The 'planning of a large scale painting' project undertaken in his advanced workshop offers a great opportunity for group learning. Sharing a variety of approaches to the same subject provides a rich source of ideas and demonstrates how to apply skills to different situations.
The experience of working in Barry's studio, surrounded by his paintings is worth the trip to Iatly in itself. To watch him making a painting is a masterclass not to be missed. To share the workshop with wonderful people from all over the world, in such a beautiful Tuscan setting is truly fantastic.

Denise Maxwell said...

I took Barry's plein air workshop this last Spring and can't express how thrilled I was to be in Tuscany painting and learning from Barry in person. Reviewing the basics and watching his working practices was invaluable. I was also impressed by his generosity and dedication to giving each of us a full learning experience.
One of the many highlights of my trip to Tuscany was being on top of the mountain back of Barry's home and studio watching and painting beside him at sunset. The place and beautiful views were inspiration enough but to watch Barry painting his little gems on location was a remarkable experience that I will never forget.
I can see why others keep making the journey back to study with him an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

Oksana Melenevska said...

The workshop in the Peak District, UK (19th-23rd June 2017) was a wonderful experience! I can not stress enough how fortunate I was (and so are my other VAA friends) in joining it.
First day of painting out with Barry, having shown and explained simple tasks to start with, absolutely changed my whole understanding of approaching and expressing myself on canvas. Each day was different from one another and I learnt so much!
Thank you Barry for the joy and unforgettable great feelings and for so generously sharing your time, immense knowledge and inspiring painting skills with us. At the end we all produced fantastic works, despite the weather anomalies - from scorching heat to windy, cold and rainy days!
Barry's workshops are a real boost to the painting direction, learning goals, and skills to students of all levels.
I am full enthusiasm and I understand much more now than I did before! Happy painting everyone!!!

Sue Downie said...

I was also at the Derbyshire workshop and agree with Oksana that it was a great experience. It was an education seeing how Barry goes about choosing which beautiful area to paint and then working from start to finish on a canvas. He also showed us his method of pen and watercolour painting in sketch books. We all were given individual advice whether it was about drawing and perspective, composition, watercolour or opaque media. Barry is inspiring as he is on a quest to discover everything one needs to know to produce high level art.

Sue Downie said...
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